About SLA Paris


Serge Louis Alvarez created the brand SLA Paris distributed to the professional makeup artist. He dedicated to this service for over 30 years, offering the magic of makeup. Today, SLA collection is distributed to more than 320 beauty schools in France, while he expands his products internationally to more than 25 countries worldwide.  Serge Louis Alvarez won numerous awards including “Best new Innovative Product” at the Paris L’esthetique Show in 2005 and the “Micronisation Award” in 2013 and 2014. He created the SLA Academy in 2008 in Paris where he opened two schools and then brought it to Canada, Sydney, Cyprus, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

His innovation never stops, and he has created a professional line of high-quality products where natural elements and high technology merge

SLA Products

Made in France

SLA Paris is formulated and manufactured in the laboratory and facility in Valence, South of France. There, all of the formulas are designed.

Cruelty free

Our products are NOT tested on animals

Natural formulations

Our products are paraben free, phenoxyethanol free and in some products, there are also comprised of organic ingredients.

Environmentally friendly

Refillable packaging where possible across the range (eye shadows and powders initially) which is less plastic in landfill and environmentally friendly

High pigmentation

Our pigment level is between 50-60%

On trend

We produce 2 fashion/color stories each year which always include the release of new products. We also release 4 seasonal collection bags per year which are increased in gorgeous cosmetic bags or gift boxes beautifully.